Bridging education opportunities through public private partnerships

Non-Tax Credit Donations and Scholarships

Since our 2005 inception, Bridge Educational Foundation has been working with the popular EITC Program, which allows businesses to partner with approved scholarship organizations (like Bridge Educational Foundation) to provide scholarships that help low-income and working class families send their children to the schools of their choice.

In exchange, these businesses receive tax credits. Bridge is one of the largest and most innovative EITC scholarship organizations, raising more than $25 million dollars to provide educational opportunities for low-income families statewide. Due to tough economic conditions and our ever-growing scholarship waiting list, we have expanded our fundraising to invite individuals and foundations to partner with us in providing scholarships.

Bridge provides approximately 2,600 scholarships a year, and our average scholarship is approximately $1,000. Sadly, we have a waiting list of more than 500 students. In addition to maintaining our base of support, it is our goal to raise additional funds to help these 500 children attend the school of their choice so that they can have the quality education they deserve now! They should not have to wait another day for their educational opportunity.

Bridge is an approved 501 c 3 non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.