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EITC Information for School Officials

How to apply for an EITC scholarships for your school families

In order for your families to be considered for Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) scholarship funds from Bridge Educational Foundation, we require a formal request statement. The templates of the request statement can be found here, along with our Policies and Procedures.

This request is on behalf of the entire community of families that attend the school. This type of request is accepted year-round.

Please read over our Policies and Procedures carefully before submitting your formal request statement to Bridge. Please note that there are two scholarship Programs within our Foundation: Pre-Kindergarten and K-12. Please designate which Program you are requesting tuition assistance for on the request template.

Upon receipt of the completed Request Statement, Bridge will add your request to our list. As scholarship funds become available, we will notify our Scholarship Approval Committee of your request. At that time, the Committee will review your request and determine if scholarship funds will be made available.

Please remember that your formal statement will only serve as a request for scholarship assistance. If the Committee determines an award amount for your families, Bridge will contact you to begin the application process. Please note that donations come to Bridge year-round, so we are unable to predict if and when we will have an answer to your request. We will call you if we are able to assist with EITC scholarships.

For additional information, please see our FAQ page for School Officials