Important Information for Families

We take our mission to provide educational choice for families seriously. Unlike most scholarship organizations, we do not, nor will we ever, charge families for applying for scholarship assistance.

Due to the immense demand for scholarships, it is important to note that the Bridge Educational Foundation does not offer an opportunity for families to request scholarships directly from the Foundation. If you are interested in a scholarship for your child, please contact your intended private school directly and ask them about scholarship opportunities.

While we have a vast network of partner schools, not every school in Pennsylvania may be aware of the scholarship opportunities through the EITC and OSTC Programs that the Bridge Educational Foundation works with. Consider taking this letter to your targeted school to inform them of these Programs.

Scholarship FAQs for Families

How do I apply for an EITC scholarship from Bridge Educational Foundation?

We do not offer an opportunity for families to apply directly to Bridge Educational Foundation for a scholarship. Please contact the private school(s) where your child(ren) hope to enroll to inquire about scholarship opportunities. Be sure to encourage your school to make a scholarship request to Bridge on behalf of the school families.

Does the student have to be a resident of Pennsylvania?

What are the income guidelines that qualify a family for EITC tuition assistance?

The student must be a member of a household with an annual household income of no more than $105,182, except that an additional income allowance of $18,514 is permitted for the student and for each other dependent (as defined by the IRS) living within the same household.

EITC Income Guidelines

Number of
Maximum AGI
0 dependents $105,183
1 dependent $123,697
2 dependents $142,211
3 dependents $160,725
4 dependents $179,239
5 dependents $197,753
6 dependents $216,267

What if the family's AGI is slightly over the DCED's guidelines?

The DCED does not allow any gray area. If the family’s AGI is even $1.00 over the guideline, then the family does not qualify. Bridge Educational Foundation must look at the income for the proper tax year no matter if the family’s income or situation has changed since then.

What paperwork is needed when there are other adults living in the household other than the parent(s)?

The DCED requires foundations to verify the income for ALL adults living in the household for the appropriate tax year. Bridge Educational Foundation must obtain a tax return for all adults living in the household—significant others, grandparents, children who live with the family who are no longer claimed as dependents, etc.

What paperwork is needed to qualify a family if the adults in the household do not have the appropriate tax return(s)?

Another way that Bridge Educational Foundation can verify the household income is to ask applying families to attest to any income that entered the house during the appropriate tax year in a letter that they must sign in front of a notary public.

How much tuition assistance may a family receive through the EITC Program?

The amount of a scholarship paid to a student may not exceed the actual amount of tuition charged by the school in which the student is enrolled, nor exceed the actual amount of tuition charged by the school to non-scholarship students.

Is there any other avenue I can explore to obtain scholarships for my children?

Please take the time to visit The Department of Community and Economic Development’s homepage. It provides information on the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program and other scholarship organizations that work within the EITC Program. Under the topic of EITC, there is a form that you can download called Scholarship Organization List that will list all of the other organizations that may be able to assist the families at your school.